Monday, March 17, 2008

A night out without children......

Saturday 16th February 2008
Sharon has heard through a friend that there is a Busy little Café up for sale in Warwick shopping Centre, she knows the Vendors name but nothing else so we have decided to go and have a look at it. It was busy and appeared to have the right criteria for us if the price was right, so Ian took the kids off for a wander while Carolyn spoke to the Owner and it turns out that he and his wife had come over on the same visa as us, had bought the business which had helped them meet the requirements for gaining residency and were now getting rid of it because they had never wanted to do this type of work over here but it was what they were good at back home so it was a safe bet. Unfortunately an offer had been accepted on it about 2 weeks earlier so Carolyn left our number with him and he said he would let us know if anything changed.
From there we went to a Gelato shop in Mount Hawthorn that has been on the market for a little while, it is cheap because it is not selling much Gelato and we were only looking because it is in a great position, in a lovely area and we thought that if you could fit it out with a Kitchen that it could be the answer to our dreams, alas it is too small to fit a Kitchen in so we can forget about that one.
On the way home we decided to come back via Hillary’s Boatyard which we had been informed was the in-place to be unfortunately it did not do much for us as the whole set up was designed to take every last penny out of your pocket and whilst it had a lovely safe swimming area for the kids the area was surrounded by things for children to spend money on and it would most definitely not have been a relaxing trip if we had decided to stop there. We then went to Mindarie Harbour which is the closest Harbour to Sharon’s house and had a little stroll around there admiring the boats as we went, according to the map you should be able to reach Mindarie beach from here but they are in the middle of developing that side of the Marina, so it is just one big building site at the moment.
In the evening Sharon and Malcolm offered to baby-sit the kids so that we could go out for the nice, romantic meal that they did not get round to having on Valentines Day. We decided to go down to the Marina because there are a couple of places to eat and drink down there. The Marina was busy and we went into the Indian Ocean Brewhaus and Grill first, the beer was alright but Expensive $7.40, the Restaurant area was fully booked and they don’t serve food after 9pm, we didn’t fancy eating Bar Snacks on a High Table with the Band 10 feet away so we walked round to the next hostelry, the Boat.
The Boat was heaving but we managed to get a drink and a menu, although they don’t serve food after 9pm, we managed to find a table outside on the patio next to 2 tables of Brits Abroad, the language was a bit choice but the band were good. We decided what we wanted to eat and Ian joined the queue to order it, after about half an hour Ian returned having ordered the food and been told that it will take about 45 minutes to come out. Time to go and get another drink, this queuing lark is bad for your health, when the pager that they have given us to alert us that the food is ready starts buzzing (shortest 45 minutes I’ve ever known). The food was pretty good considering how much they were pumping out, the band were still good and the Brits Abroad were slowly starting to stagger home when the staff started to close the Pub windows, we can only assume that it is to avoid upsetting the neighbours that live on the waters edge.
We went indoors to continue listening to the band and found out that the pub closed at 10.45pm so we quickly called a Taxi to avoid the rush at closing time and when it tuned up, would you believe it the driver was Polish and he didn’t know where he was going, just like being back in the UK.
When we got back Sharon, Malcolm and the kids were still sitting up watching DVD’s and the kids looked very pleased with themselves after being spoilt all evening.
When the kids had gone to bed we sat down with Sharon and Malcolm and polished off 1or 2 tinnies until about 2am whilst putting the world to rights.

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