Monday, March 17, 2008

Further Fremantle

Friday 15th February 2008
Early start, Ian contacted the Fremantle EHO who said there was nothing outstanding against the Carriage Café and that if we turned up at the Town Hall after lunch we could have a copy of a Safe Food Staff Training Video which we agreed to pick up.
Today we decided to have a look at a Café in what they call the E sheds, it is basically an old warehouse situated opposite the sheds where the £10 Poms used to queue up to enter the country having landed by boat. The E shed is now a market place, fairly busy and right by the waters edge but neither of us are convinced that it is right for us. We then decided to go House viewing in the Suburbs just south of Fremantle, we looked round 3 houses in total, 2 of them were quite nice but we do not feel totally comfortable with the areas, they are older than in the north of Perth, the roads are more patched up and bumpy (just like England) and generally the areas feel poorer I think we are turning into snobs.
We then went to into Fremantle to pick up the Training Video and were going to go for a coffee in the Carriage but it was a bit late and they were just closing up for the day. Instead we took a stroll along the Coffee Strip and had a wander around the Market which was quite good fun before going home.

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