Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Thursday

Thursday 14th February 2008
We have been so busy and never out of each others sight lately so we didn’t get a chance to buy Valentines Cards and Presents so while Ian printed a card on the computer Carolyn drew one on a piece of A4, we exchanged them and agreed to celebrate another day.
10.00am and time to visit the Bank to pick up our Debit Cards and then into a rival Bank to have a meeting with their Mortgage Specialist who turned out to be South African, came over as very brusque and was quite difficult to understand. Don’t think we’ll bother with this one.
From there we went home and rang Fremantle Council to find out as much as we could about the lease on the Carriage and any Environmental Health issues that may be outstanding. Not a problem with the lease but no reply from EHO so will try again tomorrow.
The children have been really well behaved since we have been here, having to sit quietly while we plough through hours and hours of meetings and viewings so we decided to drive to Morley Shopping Centre where on a previous occasion we had seen some inflatable Wave Riders which we thought would be great for them to use when playing on the beach. Unfortunately they are now loading up the shop with Autumn stock and Wave Riders were Summer stock so they had all been sent back except the one in the window, so we struck a deal for that one so that Marisa and Kristian would have something to play with and then found a larger one in a sports shop for Fraser.
On the way back we stop at the Supermarket to do some shopping and ‘sods law’ the kids having been praised for their behaviour decided to run wild in the shop culminating in Kristian’s new Sunglasses getting broken, no beach for the kids tonight.

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