Monday, March 17, 2008

Meeting Ron and Margot

Wednesday 13th February 2008
Up early again today, this time to meet a Mortgage Broker, we figured that if the different branches in a Bank can’t talk to each other perhaps they can talk to a broker who could then collate the details and put a deal together for us. Mandy the broker was more than happy with our details and was sure that she could sort out the necessary Mortgages whenever we wanted them.
We had Lunch at the Carriage today with Ron who wrote the Business plan that got us out here and his partner Margot neither of whom we have ever met before. They are a lovely couple, we ordered lunch, the kids went and played in the park and we were just telling them about the Carriage Café and explaining to them that one of the reasons we had chosen there to meet was to get a second opinion when Kel came over and said he needed to talk to Ian.
Ian then spent over half on hour with him while he explained that he had an offer on the table from someone else and although it was a bit below his asking price, firstly he wasn’t sure if the people could actually afford it and secondly he would “prefer to sell this business to you because are right for it and if they come back with an improved offer I don’t know what to do”, to which Ian replied “if the offer is right take it and we will have missed out but we are not ready to commit to purchasing the business just yet”, he said he would keep us informed. All Kel has done is raise a few more doubts in our minds and Ron and Margot are thinking the same and have advised against making a quick decision.

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