Monday, March 17, 2008

Hangovers and Yanchep

Sunday 17th February 2008
Did not get up early today for some reason, must have been tired? Malcolm was not at his best today and Sharon is accusing Ian of being a bad influence because Malcolm has not felt like that once in the 6 months he has been here and this is the second time in 2 weeks, Ian is denying all knowledge of it.
Sharon and Malcolm took us to Yanchep today, they assured us that there was a lovely Lagoon there that was calm and safe for the kids to swim in and the weather was going to be hot again, it’s been hot every day so far well over 30C most days and sometimes over 40C but we are not going to complain, it’s great. We got to Yanchep lagoon and there had obviously been a storm out at sea somewhere because the water was flowing from one end of the lagoon and out through the other like a raging river, and it had churned up all the seaweed along the way. We went in and put up with it for a little while but it wasn’t comfortable and you couldn’t take your eyes off the kids for a second so we got out and went to Yanchep National Park instead.
Yanchep National Park is beautiful with a massive lake at the centre of it, normally you can go rowing on it but they haven’t had any water in about 2 months so water is not deep enough to float a boat. There are apartments overlooking the lake for those that just want to get away from it all and a Tudor style Pub/Hotel where we had lunch on the lawn at a very reasonable price.
While we were there we had a bit of a walk round and saw some Kangaroos sleeping under the bushes and some Koalas eating up in the trees.
We got back late afternoon and went to the local beach, Quinns Rocks, for a swim before having a Barbie and an early night.

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