Monday, March 17, 2008

Lets all go to.....

Saturday 8th March 2008
It was a bit cold (24C) and overcast this morning so we decided it would be a good day to go to the beach, the water was not as warm as normal and the storms yesterday had obviously churned up all the seaweed. Once you swam out a little way though the seaweed cleared and it was lovely, there were some good wave coming in and after a while we got out the Wave Riders (inflatable body boards) and spent a couple of hours body boarding and Fraser lost his trunks on more than one occasion as he was turned over by the waves. After about 3 hours the sun was starting to get a bit fierce so we went home for lunch after which the kids did a bit of reading and school work.
Malcolm works as a Mechanic for the RAC over here (they claim to be nothing to do with the one in the UK) and from time to time they put on events for the staff, well tonight was one of those nights. The RAC have taken over Adventure World just south of Perth for the night and all staff and their guests are invited to a free night of entertainment with free use of all the rides etc. from 6 – 11pm, Malcolm had got us all tickets and we were looking forward to a good night out.
Adventure World is Western Australia’s answer to Disney but in reality it is more like the Fairground rides on Clacton Pier than Disney, you can tell that this place does not have much in the way of competition as there is nothing Hi-Tec about this place apart from one ride which wasn’t working tonight, but if it had been it would have spun you round in two directions at the same time, sounds like a good way to get rid of your dinner if you ask me. The Water Park was a bit old and antiquated bit a couple of the slides had been put together with seamless joints but the rest you just had to hope it didn’t rip the moles off your back, the Swimming Pool was very good, not only was it very big it was also very warm which was handy once the temp reached 70C.
We left home at about 5.10pm and drove to Whitfords Station to pick up Sharon, she had been working all day so we were picking her up on the way. When we picked her up Malcolm said “it’s been called off so we are going to Hungry Jacks (burger king) instead, Sharon fell for it at first but the kids realised it was a joke so it didn’t last very long. We got to Adventure World at about 6.05pm and the place was busy already.
We had planned the night out in advance and the idea was that we are going on all the water rides first, this was not because they are our favourites but we figured that after a while it may start getting cold so we would then get changed and go on all the other rides, listen to the bands etc.
We were having a great time in the water park and had just got changed at about 7.30 when there was a power cut at the park, we were all quite safe but there were others stuck upside down on rides and they were like that for about 10 minutes before they were able to get them down. Other than that and the Cable Car that people were stuck on everybody just carried on as if nothing had happened, most of them had brought their own Barbies, Picnics and beer with them and saw it as an excuse to tuck in until the power came back on the rest of us just stood around chatting, it was very relaxing not being able to do anything other than stand around chatting actually, I think we should do it again sometime.
Just before 9pm the announced that due to the power failure the event was going to be cut short, and then 10 minutes when quite a lot of the people had made their way out, they started the Firework Display, which was quite good for the size of the function and half way through the display the power came back on, but it was too late by then and we all headed off home.
On the way out of the Park heading towards the Freeway Ian managed to get lost and we ended up outside a Hungry Jacks, so as we hadn’t eaten it seemed only fit that we should go in for something to eat whilst ripping into Malcolm about the fact that he was the one that said earlier that the Event was off and we would be eating at Hungry Jacks.
The food at Hungry Jacks was very nice and is noticeably different to Burger King back in the UK, once we had found our way back to the Freeway we had a clear run home and after a couple of tinnies, headed for bed. Hopefully the RAC will rearrange the event because although we had enjoyed what we had done it would probably been a great night without the interruption.

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