Monday, March 17, 2008

Thunderbolts and lightening

Friday 7th March 2008
We got woken up at about 6am today when lightening started flashing and thunder started crashing, it was quite a spectacle really and we have never been in a thunderstorm that loud before it just boomed across the area and was amazing to listen to. The boys were woken up by it but were totally unfazed while Marisa who we were most worried about as she is in a room on her own slept right the way through it.
We got a call from the estate agent this morning and our offer was turned down again so we have increased it again and the agent is confident that it will be accepted this time but won’t know until Tuesday because wherever the Trustees for the house are based there is a Bank Holiday this weekend.
We went into Joondalup to sort out some banking and got upset with them because they wanted to charge us for a Transfer that we had originally wanted to do on line but couldn’t, because the bank hadn’t set up the account properly, so we just took out the cash, walked round the corner and deposited in the bank of the account holder that we had been trying to send the money to.
We had lunch in the Shopping Centre and had a look round the Mobile phone shops to check out deals for when we move to Busselton.
On the way back we did a bit of Food shopping and had a quiet evening in with a couple of tinnies.

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