Monday, March 17, 2008

Accountant and crazy golf

Thursday 6th March 2008
We had to get up early today to get ready for a meeting with the Accountant in a Dome Café in Subiaco on the outskirts of Perth City Centre. We had just finished getting every thing ready including the kids when Sharon announced that she was not going to work today and would be happy to look after the kids, needless to say, the kids jumped with joy at the thought of not having to sit quietly during yet another meeting and we jumped for joy at the thought of not having to tell the kids to be quiet every 2 minutes during yet another meeting.
The meeting went well; we now have a Company called: HoJo Management Proprietary Limited acting as Trustees for Hoyle-Johnson Family Trust and we will soon have to add on to that, trading as Olde Chapel Café. That is what you get for talking to Accountants and signing lots of bits of paper, the process sounded quite complicated but we were going to try something similar in the UK at one point and it was a lot more convoluted and expensive over there, here it would appear that virtually every business does it like this.
We had a bit of lunch in Subiaco and then drove back home, the estate agent rang and said that we would need to increase our offer again if we want to stand a chance of getting the house. When we got back Sharon and the kids had not yet got back, she took them to play Crazy Golf at the Botanical Gardens and Marisa won, no surprise there. When they got back we had one of Ian’s latest concoctions for dinner, Moussaka with a twist (the twist was he didn’t know the recipe so he had to make it up as he went along) it was very nice.
Late afternoon we received an E-mail giving us our ABN (Australian business number) from the accountant so we rang the Mortgage Broker and gave it to her so that she can go to our preferred lender and get a better rate Mortgage for us.
We then sat down for a quiet evening and an early night, it is quite boring now that we are in limbo waiting for the business sale to go through and the Bank to accept our offer on a house.


Margaret said...

This blog stuff is all beyond me!!
Have lost your email and address!!
Would like to contact.
Margaret & Paul

Margaret said...

If you have had a load of comments from me sorry!! Blog stuff is beyond me but I think I've cracked it now!!!
Just wanted to send an email but don't seem to have your address.
Margaret & Paul

The HoJo's said...

Hi Margaret, lovely to hear from you, if you are still at the same address you will receive a christmas card with our home address on the back, if you leave a comment with your email address I shan't publish it but will email you back.
The comments are moderated for exactly this reason :o)
I shall try sending an email to the address you used to use for the 'dinner' you organise hopefully that works?