Monday, March 17, 2008

Lazy days and Jellyfish

Wednesday 5th March 2008
We had a lazy day today sitting around all day doing paperwork while the kids were quite happy reading the new books that they got from the library yesterday. In the afternoon we let the kids watch a film because they have started to get restless and it is still too hot for them to stay out in the sun for any length of time. In the Evening when it had cooled down we took them to Hillary’s Boat Harbour so that they could go for a swim followed by a Pasta or Pizza meal in one of the waterside Caf├ęs.
The kids were playing really well together in the water and had been in there for about an hour when Marisa came running up to us saying that she had been stung on the face, it looked a bit sore but we couldn’t see anything obvious and she wasn’t too bothered about it so she went back in the water.
Marisa and Fraser then decided that they wanted to swim out to a pontoon on the other side of the Harbour and were almost there when a group of Scout who had jumped in the water off the Pontoon came out of the water on our side complaining about Jellyfish stings and some of them did look a bit nasty. With that Carolyn called Kristian out of the water and was running like a bat out of hell round the Harbour to the pontoon to get the other 2 out as quick as possible. Too late, Marisa had been stung at least once more and although she was in pain she was putting a brave face on it, Fraser came out totally unscathed and was more interested in where we were going for dinner than in his sister.
The kids got changed and we started walking towards the restaurants when we saw the Scout Leader who told us to put a soothing lotion of some description on it, which we had already done and for quick relief hold ice on it. So when we got to the restaurant as well as ordering our food we got a glass of ice which we wrapped in a T-shirt and Marisa used it as an ice pack and didn’t moan about it once. When we finished what turned out to be a pretty naff pasta meal we headed for home stopping at a late night Chemist along the way where the Pharmacist said the same thing, sold us a soothing spray and said it should be cleared up by the morning.
Sharon and Malcolm went to see Rod Stewart tonight so we haven’t really seen them all day.

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