Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard worked postie

Tuesday 11th March 2008
Waited around all morning waiting for the post to arrive so that we could tick a couple more boxes on the Business purchase contract, as you go through the different parts of the purchase process they have to be signed and sent to the opposition, by the time this deal is done the contract would have travelled the equivalent of going round the world 3 times and will be so faded that it will probably be unreadable, but it will have kept the postman busy for 6 weeks.
We signed the relevant parts and got it ready to send back, we were just getting ready to go out when we got a call from the house agent who informed us that our offer on the house had been accepted and we should receive written confirmation tomorrow when we will be able to fill out a form for the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) asking them for permission to purchase the house. The reason behind Foreigners having to get permission is that firstly, the money is legal and secondly, they can control the number of immigrants living in one area, a bit like the UK really. Hopefully we will have no problem getting permission as there aren’t many migrants in Busselton.
This afternoon we went into Joondalup and got some more photocopies courtesy of our mortgage advisor’s office so that we are ready to send off for the FIRB approval as soon as we get the written acceptance. When we got back we called another agent who had told us that he had a property that we could rent short term while we were waiting for the purchase to go through, unfortunately we are buying the house through another agent so all of a sudden the house is not available anymore. So its back on the internet tomorrow to find somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks.
This evening Sharon did the cooking, Chilli and Tacos and very nice it was too washed down with a couple of tinnies.

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