Monday, March 17, 2008

Amazing Avocados

Wednesday 12th March 2008
Had a call this morning, the bit of paper that has been flying back and forth with the offer details for the house is now unreadable so the agent has got to send a clean copy, express post, to the Trustee who will return it, express post on the same day which means that in theory we will receive a scanned copy on Friday which we will then have to print and take over to the Mortgage advisors office so that we can fax it through to FIRB and hopefully save ourselves a couple of days. If this does manage to go through on time it is going to be tight.
We have managed to find a Furnished house in Busselton that we can rent until the house sale goes through and will be moving in on Saturday, that will give Sharon a chance to recover before the next lot of family move in at Easter for 3 ½ weeks.
The weather is hot today 33C, so we went out for the day to a place called Maze (guess what we did there?), it was a cracking day out, we walked round a few mazes, and saw some Koalas, Red and Grey Kangaroos and Emus, before lunch. After lunch we played a couple of rounds of crazy golf, the first of which was played using Frisbees instead of golf bats and balls and was extremely amusing and time consuming and bearing in mind it is not something we would normally do I think we did well before the park closed. The second game was just ordinary crazy golf which Ian won.
Its Malcolm’s birthday tomorrow and he wants an Avocado tree so on the way home we took a diversion down the Wanneroo road looking for nurseries that might have them for sale but there seems to be a shortage of them because everywhere we went they said they would normally stock them but they just can’t any at the moment, so on the way home as a last resort we stopped at Bunnings, the Australian equivalent of B&Q and although they didn’t have any and didn’t know why they didn’t have any the old boy who was serving us did point out that you shouldn’t have Avocado trees near children because the branches drop off for no apparent reason, and what good is a child with no branches, but more importantly from Sharon’s point of view as it is going to be her garden that it would be planted in, they grow up to 25-30 feet tall and 7-8 metres wide within a couple of years and her garden is not the largest in town. Did you like the way I managed to use imperial and metric in the same sentence? Is that what they mean by Multi tasking?
After that we needed to freshen up a bit so we went down to the beach for a couple of hours, the surf was great for body boarding, probably a bit like back in the UK at the moment.
Sharon did the cooking again tonight, she’s starting to get very inventive all of a sudden, tonight’s culinary delight was last nights Chilli leftovers mixed with sliced Pepperoni, plastic coating and all, stirred through with a jar of Dol Mio and served with Pasta, it was different and I bet Jamie Oliver would never have thought of it but it was very tasty.

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