Monday, March 17, 2008

Flopped and Shopped

Monday 10thMarch 2008
Had a lazy day today waiting for business to turn up by courier, it turned up mid afternoon so it was to late to go out anyway. The sun was fierce again today although the temperature only reached 32C but it is due to be very hot tomorrow.
In the late afternoon Ian and the kids went shopping for food and swapped the car while they were out, the garage still haven’t done the final bit of detailing, and we haven’t cleaned the car since we got it so hopefully we will get a nice shiny car back by the end of the week. The Courtesy Car they gave us is a Toyota Camry Estate and is nice to drive.
Ian made the evening meal again, Roast Chicken with an assortment of salads, we can’t believe how much salad we’re eating out here, most of it has more flavour than in the UK but we think that it is only a matter of time before we get fed up with it, although it is too hot to muck around cooking vegetables at the moment.
Hopefully tomorrow we will get the offer accepted on the house and then we will be able to get everything rolling with the Business and the House. While we are waiting for paperwork to be moved around we cannot pack our things, get down there and start doing the groundwork for both House and Business.

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