Monday, March 17, 2008

A blind woman gets a driving licence, nice photo

Wednesday 27th February 2008
We went into Joondalup today to apply for our Australian Driving Licences today, all we had to do was show our Passport and UK licence and take an Eye Test, there was a bit of a panic when Carolyn couldn’t see the chart on the wall when she covered the wrong eye first by mistake, fortunately she managed to bluff her way out of it by doing better with the other eye and then with both eyes. We then had our pictures taken for the licence and was told to expect them within 3-5 days.
Then we went to the bank to give them our Tax File Numbers, the bank deduct 46½ % tax on any savings until they receive a Tax File Number so it was important that they got it as soon as possible.
Then we went for lunch in a lunch bar just round the corner from the bank that is always busy and were not disappointed, the quality was very good and we all enjoyed it.
We then took the kids into the Shopping Centre to get them an Ice Cream as a reward for behaving themselves so far and a sweetener to try and encourage them to behave during our next meeting.
At 2.30pm we had an appointment with the Mortgage advisor, she went through all the fine details of the Mortgage and how it could be structured to be as tax efficient as possible and then we filled out the application forms in anticipation of some movement on the House and Business front. The kids behaved impeccably, and when we came out of the meeting we found out why, the receptionist had kept them topped up with water and biscuits.
At 5pm today the temperature was 42½ Degrees Centigrade, we were not in the mood to do much this evening it was even too hot to go to the beach until it was dark.

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