Monday, March 17, 2008

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Thursday 28th February 2008
Have been putting together a Business plan to present to the Landlord of The Olde Chapel Café and it is a bit time consuming, but the need it to help prove that you are capable of operating a profitable business in the confines of their illustrious Shopping Centre.
We have decided that quality Coffee is going to be the thing that is most likely to push the Café forward bearing in mind we will be opening for longer hours, and we have been searching online for Barista Courses so that we can get it right from the word go.
Contacted the Lavazza Coffee Company with a view to using them as a big name to Brand Up the Coffee Offer, the rep rang back and we have arranged to meet him tomorrow in a Café that he supplies just down the road from Sharon in Mindarie Harbour. We went there for lunch today just to check it out, Carolyn enjoyed her meal but the rest was pretty average apart from the Chips which were good, we are not Coffee experts but the Coffee there was pretty average to say the least and we normally like Lavazza Coffee so can only assume that it was the way it was made that made the difference. We then walked round the corner to the Dome Café and that wasn’t much better.
When we got home Ian started work on a possible new Menu for the Café, we don’t intend to change things immediately but there will definitely be changes and this is the best way of putting a few ideas together.

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