Monday, March 17, 2008

More meetings and another offer

Tuesday 26th February 2008
We got up early today because we had loads to do including checking out of the Chalet and driving back to Sharon’s. Having packed the car, checked we haven’t left anything behind and picked up the deposit for the keys we headed for Busselton. On the way in we rang the Realty Agent to let him know that we wished to put in an offer on the house and we arranged to meet at 11.30am.
We stopped at Vasse Primary School on the way who confirmed that even though they have small class numbers at the moment the would not entertain the idea of taking in pupils from out of area.
We then went into town and confirmed with the Accountant that we wanted him to act on our behalf, he took down details of the Company name that we want and has confirmed that it is now reserved for us, HoJo Management Pty Ltd and he is going to check over the books and start work on building a Company and Trust set up for us.
Then we went to the Settlement Agents to let him know that we wished to use his services and then went to the Realty Agents so that we could fill out the form to make the offer on the house official.
At 11.30 we met the Realty Agent and we talked about our proposed offer and during the conversation we realised that we had got the wrong end of the stick when he said the Bank had put it on the market and that this is quite often the case when dealing with a Deceased Estate and the Beneficiaries do not live close by, so we had to quickly reassess the situation but decided that we would still like to submit an offer , only for the figure to be a bit higher than we had originally planned.
So, with the help of the Agent we filled out the Offer form and he told us that he would send it off that day and get back to us when he had a reply.
We were late for the other appointment to view a house this morning and we weren’t sure if the agent would be there but we thought that we had better turn up just in case he was. Fortunately we did go because there he was sitting patiently in his car waiting for us. Although we had put in an offer on another house we felt that we should look at this one as the viewing had been arranged the day before.
The house was immaculate, the rooms were big, the garden was big, everything about it was right except it was on the wrong side of the Highway, but that was why it is so much cheaper than the other house that needs work doing to it. If we went for that one, we would get very little growth out of it whereas the one close to the beach should hold us in good stead for the future.
When we had finished all that could be done at the today we started the long journey back to Sharon’s, stopping in Bunbury on the way to drop off one sacred set of Business Sales documents with the agent that could tell us nothing, and getting back just in time for an evening meal.
The Car Registration Document arrived in the post today.

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