Thursday, January 8, 2009

You'd get less for murder!

We are celebrating 15 years of wedded bilss today, no really *smirk*
Mr Hojo surprised Mrs Hojo by breaking with tradition and presenting her with a card and gift early this morning and flowers arrived before 9am, good man.
Mrs Hojo is a stickler for tradition and will be buying a card today :o)

I should point out that it is tradition for us to open the post, get a card from Heather and a card from Carolyns Mum and Dad and say, oh yeah, our anniversary, we went on holiday x years ago tomorrow, smile etc etc, pop out, choose a card with appropriate wording and exchange in the evening, but no, Ian had to cheat and be prepared.
We got a text from Heather to remind us and let us know the card is on its way (thank you x) and a huge email from Carolyns Dad and a promise that the card was sent ages ago (thank you x), so now I have been properly reminded I'm off to the shops.

Ian also pointed out that if I was still 30 (ahem) we would have been married for half my life, astounding deduction Dr Watson, I felt the need to remind him that after my next birthday we shall have been together for half my life anyway, and I will have to reach Ians great age to have been married for half of it.
Any comments pointing out I must have been a child bride etc etc are most welcome.

Yesterday was Carolyns Mums Birthday, we shall probably add a post later, don't really feel up to it at the moment, but this Carnation came out for the 66th that she didn't get to celebrate, Happy Birthday Mum, miss you xxxxx


Ganeida said...

Hey, in this day & age your marriage practically qualifies as a miracle! Congratulations!

The HoJo's said...

Thank you, I shall add miracle worker to my resume later :o)

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, you must've been a child bride!

The HoJo's said...

Thanks Vic ;o)