Thursday, January 8, 2009

Singaporean Scouts

Monday 8th December 2008
It was all hands to the pumps at the Café today, both Fliss and Michelle decided to go sick today leaving us very short staffed.
In true British style we laughed in the face of adversity and managed to keep our heads above water, in fact, from a totally unbiased opinion, we probably did better than if they had been there.
This afternoon Carolyn took the kids out of School early so that the could represent the Scouts and take a group of Singaporean Scouts on the Busselton Jetty Experience, they walked out to the end of the Jetty and took them down in to the Observatory to look at the local sealife.
Marisa was flirting with them like crazy and they all thought that she was great, no surprise there then.

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