Friday, January 2, 2009


We have been so busy for the last month or so and are dreadfully behind in the real blogging world, but undaunted and just like Bobby Ewing when he woke up in the shower and it had all been a dream, we are starting again as if nothing had ever happened, so back to November 2008 folks.

Saturday 29th November 2008
One of the Scouts in Frasers pack is leaving at the end of this year because he is too old, to get the last of his awards (the Scouts equivalent of a Knighthood) he had to plan and organise a series of events for the pack, this was one of them.
For today he had organised a day of cleaning up the Scout Hut (smashing), followed by swimming and fun on the beach (super), followed by a game of Pitch and Putt on the nine hole course in Busselton (over the moon). Fraser had been invited and had accepted a couple of weeks ago and this morning we got a call asking if Marisa would be interested in going as well, needless to say the answer was yes so that left Kristian on his own.
It was fairly quiet in the Café today, Fliss finished at 2pm and was supposed to be taking Kristian out as a special treat. She bought him a load of junk food before going back to her house and then stuck him in front of the telly with a Wii controller, he loved it.
We finished work early and went home before heading out on a Xmas shopping trip to Harvey Norman where we got a Wii (it was a bargain) for the kids to share and based on the assumption that the relatives and friends who usually send money, will be doing so again this year.
We picked up Kristian from Fliss’ house after using a crowbar to remove him from in front of the TV screen, then we went and picked up the other two from the golf course. Surprise surprise, Marisa is not quite a natural golfer but probably could be if she had another game, for someone who has never played before she has an uncanny knack of hitting the ball where it needs to go while everyone else is crisscrossing the fairway.
As far as the Scout event went, there were only two scouts there, that was the boy who did the organising and Fraser. Marisa and another girl that was there are both going to be invested next year so had been invited along to make up the numbers, taking part in the event goes towards getting a badge (a taking part in an event badge presumably) which Fraser was impressed with. Marisa is even more impressed because she has been told that when she is invested the event will go on her record, meaning that she has already started working on her badges before she even joins.
In the evening we walked in the rain to Broadwater and had a meal in the Food Hall, the two smallest had Pasta while the rest of us had Chinese, it was all very enjoyable.
After the meal we went home and had an early night.


Unknown said...

Presumably we can wii together then!!!!

Anonymous said...

So time travel truly is possible...*grin*

Ganeida said...

Busy is the name of the game at this time of the year & sadly any sort of volunteer stuff is getting less & less support. People don't have time because they're buuuusy! Argh! I have trouble with the whole wii name thing. I can't help it. My mind heads straight to the bathroom & I wonder who on earth gave a kid's game such an aweful name?! Rambling away. My mother's computer is the pits & I'm feeling deprived. lol