Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

This is the first New Years Eve we haven't had to work extremely hard and extremely late into the night/morning and no we didn't miss it!

We closed up fairly early bearing in mind the ice cream machine needed cleaning out again, quick shower and off to the local mini shopping cenre where there is a food court, most of the outlets, pasta, pizza and fish and chips were closed so we had a choice of chinese or Halal, we went Halal and had Burger! Lasagne x 2 and Chicken Satay x 2, very cheap and lots of room at the tables, it is a BYO area so we sat, had a few cans of beer and chatted while we waited for dinner which threatened to take 45 mins but was only 30. After dinner and a quick play on the scooter (kids) we sauntered home to watch a couple of DVD's, Get Smart (with the kids), then we dragged the telescope out into the garden and spent ages lining it up with a star only for a small person to breathe and mess it up ;o)
After a while and actually seeing one of the thousands of stars up close we packed the kids off to bed and watched What happens in Vegas, laugh out loud funny, it finished at around 12 15 so we said happy new year having forgotten to watch the fireworks they let off by the Jetty and that was that. Nice and relaxed and no drunks to get rid of :o)
Only fly in the ointment being Carolyns' parents would normally spend a few days with us over New Year so Carolyn is a bit grouchy due to a lack of Mum and plans on remaining grumpy till her Mums birthday and will try and cheer up a bit for Carolyn and Ians 14th wedding anniversary the day after.
Ian and Carolyn NEVER remember their anniversary until either her parents or Heather send a card reminding them, so Dad and Heather don't forget to post it early this year!
I may be the only one to find this funny, but it will be 15 years not 14, I did say we don't remember...

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for the hoodies Heather, don't they look fab :o)


The Cloughs said...

Well looks like they make the same model telescope on this side of the world too. Poor Peter hasn't had a clear night since christmas. We did see a very thin crescent moon this evening but as soon as we got the telescope out of its box it was covered in cloud again. Happy New Year.

Posh Totty said...

Happy New Year Xx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!