Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have a lovely blog, it is official

Thanks Ganeida, I have been given a lovely award, which as any blogger knows is exceedingly cool and fab, because as much as this blog is a great record for us, for the future, it is nice to know that other people enjoy our own brand of nonsense too :o)
Hmmm I have to pass it on to 7 other happy bloggers
Mrs Nutty Donut she is lovely and nutty
Mr Holt Press this may be a bit pink for him, but I think he is man enough to wear it well and he does have a lovely blog
Foxy head conkers, need I say more?
The lovely Vic hasn't always been happy but darned good at it now, paying it forward as she goes
Mary who has 10 kids and is about as happy sounding a person as you could ever not know, coz I don't know her and just lurk around her blog sometimes
MiniMarie who I stumbled upon around Christmas time and she just tries to be nice and see good, so even though she has no clue, she is getting this too
My last award goes to a completely private blogger who I shan't link to, maybe thats against the rules? but she's my mate and gets one so there

I find this is so hard to do, I hope you enjoy your pink and fluffy awards and pass along at will


Anonymous said...

I love my new pink and fluffy award! Thank you.

Marcus said...

Nice to meet you in the flesh today Ian and Carolyn.
As for the "Lovely blog award", er...thanks!!
What about a "Bloke's Blog Award" something a bit more macho?
A picture of beer and football and cars and tools and stuff? I'd be proud to put that on my blog!!

I'm a little dubious about the WV too: glayessi

The HoJo's said...

Ian is thinking of creating his own award, I'm sure we can come up with something macho, perhaps you can accept the award and just neglect to post the picture on your very manly blog ;o)
Just be grateful I didn't post the link on your comments, how you would blush :o)
and yes, it was good to finally meet you, looking forward to having some of your art for sale on our walls

Little Nut Tree said...

wow! Thanks you! I am most honoured and I shall display it proudly as soon as I can figure out how :)

Thank you thank you thank you :) x

Foxsden said...

Thank you Mrs H...that's a very kind bit of fluff for my website!

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, stop resting on your laurels and write some more! You haven't even got into this year yet you know! *grin*