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Saturday 13th December 2008
We closed the Café early today because we drove up to Perth to see Ians sister, her partner Malcolm works for the RAC and they are putting on a Christmas Party Event for their staff and families at the Claremont Showground tomorrow and the managed to get tickets for us to go.
We managed to get there in about 3½ hours which was not bad going, we did have to stop very briefly just round the corner from Sharons on route though because the Café is getting short of coffee and the Coffee Rep lives just a short distance from her.
Ian had ordered plenty of Coffee well in advance for the Café, but for some reason (probably something to do with them being about to celebrate Christmas in the eastern states) the delivery hadn’t arrived by 4pm yesterday, so Ian rang the rep and arranged to pick up a case of coffee while we were up there.
What a coincidence, all year we have been getting our Coffee deliveries the next day, this week when we are driving up to near where he lives for the first time since we moved to Busselton, the delivery is late, also we needed to sign a form for him to supply us with a new Coffee Machine and we couldn’t get the machine until he had the signed document in his grubby little paws.
I feel a conspiracy theory coming on but I don’t have time.
When we arrived at Sharons road, we found that it had been blocked off by her next door neighbours who had decided to hold a street party to celebrate Christmas, we had to turn round and drive in from the other end of the road.
The neighbours are not the most popular people in town and when they invited everyone in the street to join in the street party, they all managed to find something else to do, that is apart from Sharon and Malcolm who had to be around to meet us.
We had arranged to go out for dinner so within minutes of arriving we were on our way to the pub for dinner, we think this probably upset the neighbours a bit because when we walked back we were greeted with a drunken, sarcastic version of neighbours.
There was no point encouraging confrontation so we didn’t say anything, went indoors, had a chat and a couple of beers and went to bed.

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Ganeida said...

Lovely neighbours. Aren't you glad they're not yours!