Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Sink

Thursday 4th December 2008
Not a lot happened today, it was Rodelle, one of our staffs’ birthday today, so we gave her a card and made her work really hard. We are such nice bosses.
We went shopping in Bunbury and Ian found loads of Cotton Shirts that will be perfect for work, he checked through the rail and took everything in his size that wasn’t too loud, well at $10 (£4.25) a go it would have been stupid not to and now he won’t have to go clothes shopping again for a couple of years.
We closed the Café early again today so that the Plumber could fit our sink and start to get things ready for putting the new Gas Fryers and Griddle in place.
It didn’t take long before things started to go horribly wrong, when we pulled out the old sink unit, we found a couple of live sockets that were tucked up behind the sink in a position that we could not possibly have seen or expected to find them.
Needless to say work had to stop until we could find an Electrician to come out, disconnect them and make sure the area was safe, it was almost 6pm so our only chance was a mobile number that Ian had stashed away for the electrician that is going to power up our Soft Serve Machine.
When Ian got through he said that he had been working since 5am and was just coming back to Busselton so that he could pick up some more stock and go back out on another job, our only hope was one of the guys he works with who was on his way home from a job as we spoke but was not in an area where his phone could pick up a signal.
The electrician said he would send him a message and hope that he would pick it up when he got a signal, but he is not the most reliable when it comes to answering his phone.
Fortunately he did answer and came to the Café to disconnect it, it took him the best part of an hour and while he was doing it the Plumber was getting all the pipes etc in position.
Once the electrician had finished the plumber made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want anyone watching him, so Ian and Fliss (who had hung around purely to do the demolition part, because she loves breaking things) went to Gelato for an Ice Cream and Coffee.
Within about 45 minutes the Plumber rang and said that he would be done shortly, so they went back and he was just packing his gear up, the whole thing was done by 9pm and looks really smart.
Marisa had rehearsals for the Panto again tonight and yet again got sweets for being the loudest and best.

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