Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bubble and Squeek

Friday 5th December 2008
Carolyn bought a couple of Bunnies for Fraser today, ever since we got the cats he has felt that he needs pets of his own and his choice was Rabbits.
Marisa and Kristian declared that the cats belonged to them, so it was only fair that Fraser should have a pet if he really wanted one.
We have put this off for six months now and tried to talk him into having something else but he insists he wants rabbits, so today was the day we gave in and bought a Boy and a Girl Bunny and a Hutch.
Ian insisted on there being two of them, and if we are not going to eat them in the near future, then we might as well have one of each so that we can sell the babies and make a few bob out of it.
Carolyn spent the afternoon making the Hutch and picked up the Bunnies before picking up the kids from school, Fraser was over the moon when he saw them and named them Bubble and Squeak.
Fraser, who has been doing swimming lessons with the school for the past two weeks, passed his level 5 which is fairly good, it is the same level as he was on when he had lessons in the UK and considering he hasn’t had anyone pushing him for the last year, we are quite happy with it.
The kids did manage to pull themselves away from making gooey eyes at the bunnies in the evening, only so that they could go to Freaky Friday though.


Ganeida said...

I hope this isn't a portent of things to come but I thought Bubble & Squeak was food. [rolls on floor laughing at own wit]

The Cloughs said...

You really need to practise your child psychology. We managed to persuade ours to get chickens rather than rabbits and guinea pigs.

"Just think how good it is to have a pet that gives you something back - they're really friendly and give you a little present each day. Also mummy will have to make more cakes."

Apart from the once a week big clean, the kids do all the work as they feed them in the morning, let them out into the run and fight over who will collect the eggs.

The hens follow the kids round the garden if they're out playing. Can be a bit of a nuisance if you're trying to dig though as they tend to get in the way looking for worms. You also get free fertiliser for the garden and you get food without having to eat the pet!!

Ganeida said...

heehee, Having kept chooks you left out the part where they have a brain the size of a pea, eat the veggies your trying to grow & eat instead of them, lay shell~less eggs, attract snakes & mice who see them as a source of free food & commit hari~kari under the car in a desperate effort to be first fed. Yep. Chooks are great pets. They'd see Ditz coming & flatten themselves on the ground pretending they weren't there. Ditz loved them with a passion. Maybe that's why they had such short lives?

The Cloughs said...

I suppose the small brain means they fit into our household well!! We're in the UK so snakes tend not to be too much of a problem. Think the kids would be made up if we managed to attract some ;o)