Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Cakes

Tuesday 2nd December 2008
Marisa was due to have a tooth taken out by the Dentist today but was sent home early from school because she was not well, in the past we would have said that she was pulling a fast one but she seems to like having her teeth pulled out at the moment, we reckon that she thinks that wearing a brace will be cool and she needs to have several teeth out before they can put what’s left back in place.
Fraser and Marisa had to take cakes to Scouts for some reason tonight, when I were a lad we used to have to settle for a Marshmallow, burned over an open fire, and stuck to a Digestive Biscuit, they don’t know they’re born today.
Carolyn rang the reticulation man about getting our watering system for the garden up and running, we have our own bore (apart from Ian) and are unable to use it at the moment so are spending a fortune on watering plants with drinking water, it’s just as well it rains a lot otherwise it would be costing a lot more. He is going to turn up soon.

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Anonymous said...

wouldn't a man who was in good health come more quickly ? Reticulation sounds nasty.