Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wind and Rain Again

Monday 1st December 2008
The weather today has been pretty crap really, we’ve had plenty of wind, plenty of rain and the forecast for the week is not much better, and this is supposed to be the summer.
When we came over here we were warned about the extreme temperatures and droughts so we left all our cold and wet weather gear back in Blighty, since May we have spent a fortune on Heating for the house and Clothes and Umbrellas to keep ourselves warm and dry.
To be fair we have had some good weather over the last month, but the climate changes so quickly down here it’s a case of blink and you miss it.
Fraser is swimming again this week with school, hopefully it will get him to improve on his technique again by the end of the week.
He knows he can swim and stay afloat for more hours than he would ever need to so does not see the need to try and keep the standard of his stroke up, in fact since he finished swimming lessons in the UK where his technique was very good, he turns into a waterborne sloth every chance he gets.

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