Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beach Carnival

Thursday 27th November 2008
Carolyn collected the Latte and Sundae Glasses that we had ordered from the Bull Restaurant which ceased trading today, she did try to put in a cheeky offer for a three door under counter fridge but it was early in the day and the owner was confident she would get the asking price by the end of the day.

Kristians class had their Beach Carnival today, it would seem that it involved playing games and lots of “accidental” falling in the water.
Kristian was asked to represent the Red Faction as they were short of numbers, he is Blue Faction so he wasn’t very happy about it. Red Faction failed miserably and Blue faction won, so Kristian went off to celebrate with blue faction not giving his Red teammates another thought.

Marisa had Panto rehearsals this afternoon and she had to do it without reading her lines, needless to say she did it no bother and got a chocolate for being so good.

After work we continued moving shelves and fridges around and didn’t get home until 8pm, it has been a very long day and we are knackered.


Ganeida said...

Good on Marissa! Though chocolate is always good. The things Ditz will do for chocolate!

The HoJo's said...

Wave a Toblerone in my direction and I may consider being amenable too :o)