Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fridges and Freezers

Wednesday 26th November 2008
The Café was quiet’ish yet again and we were fully staffed, so we took the opportunity to do a bit of window shopping and have a bit of lunch together down by the Foreshore.

We had a load of Stainless Steel Benches and some Fridges and Freezers turn up at the Café today, this is all part of our refit of the kitchen and servery area.
One of the Fridges had obviously been dropped in transit because the corner was all crumpled and the base plate was warped in such a fashion that it wouldn’t stand square on the floor, we’ll send it back and get another tomorrow.
There’s no point worrying about it when things like this happen, we are learning that having bought four Fridges and two Freezers, to only have one that is unusable we’ve had a result.
Ian and Fliss put the Fridges into place and fitted some of the Stainless Steel Benches together and put them in the kitchen, they had to take Fridges out and swap Fridges over to get it all in but did it in the end and it’s going to look good when it is finished.
Marisa has made some new friends who live just round the corner from us, one of them came round to play this afternoon and managed to get herself into trouble, she had been told to be home by 5.30pm but had not told Carolyn, at 6.15pm her brother comes round to get her and her mum is not very happy.


Little Nut Tree said...

Rowan has been asked for her first play date! She has an invitation for a Saturday to go and play with Jade!

My big girl :)

The HoJo's said...

Aaah next minute it will be sleepovers ( or wake-overs as we call them) and boys!