Saturday, November 22, 2008


Monday 10th November 2008
Carolyn was ill today, she spent the day pottering around the house and doing some gardening, as and when she had the energy.
Carolyn didn’t really forget your birthday Heather, she just remembered to go to the post office a bit late, hope you had a good one.
We had a new member of staff start at the Café today, he is hopefully going to take over most of the cooking duties and allow Ian even more time to chat up the old dears.
Fliss and Michelle were playing a game the other day where they had to make up a name of a tribe that each member of staff could belong to, the name they came up with for Ians tribe was ave’a’chat, very apt, but all in the name of business building, he would never admit to enjoying it and the old girls love it.
Marisa went to Cubs this evening and there were a few investitures going on so she had to take some biscuits in with her, when Ian went to pick her up in the evening the whole troop were bouncing off the walls after eating so much crap.

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