Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Pay Don't Go

Tuesday 11th November 2008
It was Pizza Day again today at West Busselton School, they needed to raise money for the transport taking Kristians class go to Donnybrook next week.
Carolyn was feeling a bit better today which was just as well, she had an appointment with the accountant this afternoon to do our end of quarter paperwork.
There was no Scouts this evening for Fraser because his troop are going on an outing to Bunbury on Friday, there was however a Meeting for Parents and Organisers to discuss Fund Raising.
The meeting was pretty much going over what had been talked about last week, only this time people were putting forward ideas, we were informed that only families that got involved in the fund raising would benefit from the money raised, and when the time comes to work out how much it is going to cost each child to go to Jamboree the parents involvement would be taken into account.
How democratic is that eh, it’s brilliant, let people know that if they don’t help they don’t benefit, the uproar that would cause in the UK would be enormous, in fact you could probably get life imprisonment for mentioning it.
In the UK they have this theory that everyone should have the same benefits regardless of whether the parents have got off there lazy fat arses and helped their kids or not, this causes quite a bit of underlying tension amongst parents when fundraising for specific events.
When we were asked to pay for school outings in the UK, we always paid because we felt that educational trips would benefit our children, unfortunately there were always parents who didn’t pay for there children, but because it wouldn’t be the politically correct thing to do, the school would still let the children that hadn’t paid go on the outing.
At school over here they make them stay in school if they haven’t paid, another benefit of being over here and away from the UK.
Before any of you comment that we don’t tell you much about the benefits of living over here and how great it really is, it’s because if you all knew what we are getting to know you’d all move over here and it would turn into the UK.


Ganeida said...

lol. Them's fighting words Hojos!

You Brits still make the best t.v shows though. The country you can keep! :P The constant wet is just misery making. I grew mold ~ on ME!

We had a Principal at the Island school who believed every child should go on an excursion even if they didn't pay. She sent the school broke. It's taken 2 years for it to recover but she was a New Zealander. Now they're back to if you don't pay you get to stay at school in someone else's class. Much better.

Elena said...

thats ridiculous, UK schools have a 'compolsory fee' for excursions?? hardly makes sense at all :s