Friday, November 7, 2008

Donut Mix

Tuesday 21st October 2008
Ian asked Elena to make up some Donut Mix this morning and she is going to kill him for telling you about it, you had to be there really but it is true.
Ian asked Elena to make some Donut mix this morning, Elena replies “I don’t know how but I’ll give it a go”, Ian says “read the packet” and tells her where the mix is.
Having found the mix she asks Ian how much she needs to make up, Ian replies “2 Kilos”, Elena then asks “is that 1000, 2000 or 5000 grams, Ian replies “don’t they teach you maths at school 2 Kilos is 2000 grams”.
Elena locates the scales and switches them on, only the best digital ones for our staff. She sets the scale at zero and then puts the mixing bowl on the scale ready to start filling it with mix, fortunately Ian saw what had happened and pointed out that the scale should have been zeroed after putting the bowl on it and not before.
Ian is watching very closely now because the mix has to be done in perfect measurements or the Donuts will be crap and we will have to throw the mix away.
Elena put the mix in the bowl, 2000 grams exactly and then added the water, she then asked what should be done next. Ian said “it needs to be mixed up”, Elena asked how, Ian replies “with the Mixer”, Elena asks “how does it work”, Ian says “you just switch it on”.
For the next thirty seconds to a minute you really needed to be there because the picture of Elena with a Bowl of Donut mix sitting on a set of Scales in front of her, and the bemused look on her face as she searched all over the set of scales to find the switch that was going to cause the Donut Mix to start mixing whilst being closely watched by Ian and Rodelle, was something to behold.
Of course Ian did point out to her that sets of scales don’t make very good mixers and told her where the mixer was, eventually.
It all backfired a bit in the end because Ian hadn’t been watching closely enough and the mix was like water, so he had to add some more dry mix and guessed wrong so had to add some more water. This went on for a little while until the consistency was right, but we did end up with about 5 Kilo of mix instead of 2 Kilo.
We went to Bunbury this morning to get some bits and pieces for the Café and have a look for possible Christmas presents for the kids, we picked up a few ideas for the kids and found a cheap swimming pool that would take up most of our back garden.
The swimming pool looked like a great deal, at about AU$11,000 (less than £5,000) it was a positive bargain. These Pools are designed for self build and the bloke reckoned it would take the two of us three days to build it, now as a rule we don’t do building so we asked how much it would cost to have it done for us.
That was where it started to go silly really, the guy wanted more to get rid of the soil than he did for digging it in the first place, apparently the pump that was part of the deal would not be sufficient for the size pool we wanted, the cover would need an upgrade and if we wanted a heater it would be another $9,000 and would be electric so would cost a fortune to run.
In the end it was likely to cost in excess of Thirty Grand so we decided for this summer at least we’d go to the beach instead.
This evening Fraser went to Scouts and as part of learning about Scouting Worldwide, he has been nominated to do a report/presentation on Scouting in the UK.



Anonymous said...

I never realised a pool could be so expensive. Surely you could for that much they should throw in a jacuzzi and a couple of flumes?

Ganeida said...

lol. I don't know how old Elena is but when I learnt math we were still working in feet & inches & I never have got a grasp on the whole metric thing. My kids actually work in both for some things but usually double check anything I say to them. 'Do you mean miles or Kms, mum? Yards or Metres? inches or cms?'I can use metric & imperial in the same sentence for the same measurement & even I know that doesn't work!

Elena said...

yay wow i sound really clever :/
actually the bit about me asking how much 2 kg was is new to me.

The HoJo's said...

Vic, we are talking dollars here, but even so.... the flume sounds good

I am a feet and inches girl even though metric was taught at school from at least 8 years old I still think imperial even though I can measure in meters by eye, no help at all really!

And Elena, everyone is ganging up on you at work, they all agree it was you :o)