Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Thursday 20th November 2008 #
Carolyn went with Kristians class to Donnybrook Park for a school trip today, she loved it, playing on the swings, slides and climbing frames, apparently the kids enjoyed at as well.
For lunch they had a Sausage Sizzle which the kids loved, it was just as well they loved it really, it was eating junk food at school that paid for the trip.
All these lunchtimes when they have been force fed Pizza and Cakes had raised enough money to send the whole class on the trip food and all, without the parents having to put any more money towards it.
At lunchtime today Elena at work had a visit from her lover Rob, he came into the Café bearing an Orange Rose, it was so romantic. Elena was so overcome with the occasion that she had to excuse herself.
Fliss who has yet to find a romantic bone in her body, thought it odd that Rob would also need to excuse himself at the same time, after all while Elena had been working all day and may not have had time to go, Rob had had just been out picking flowers all morning and could have gone anytime. Also, if you were going to make a romantic gesture you wouldn’t wait until you were breaking your neck to go to the loo before you did it would you.
So Fliss being the suspicious type walked out into the middle of the shopping centre and just happened to glance down the corridor that leads to the loos, Elena and Rob were Snogging like their life depended on it.
Fliss was shocked at such behaviour and couldn’t bear to mention what she had seen to Elena, well not until she came back to work after her bout of tongue wrestling, so she told everyone else instead while she was waiting. As you may have gathered, not a lot is sacred amongst the staff in the Café.
Another dopey quote from the staff: Michelle talking to another member of staff about why she isn’t very well at the moment and has been feeling unwell on and off for a while.
The member of staff concerned had previously been to Thailand on holiday, this might sound like an odd thing to say, but it is vitally important.
Michelle thinking that it might be something the member of staff contracted in Thailand said “while you were in Thailand you didn’t get touched by an Ethiopian did you”. Michelle dropped Geography at school.
Another café in town is going to the wall, so we went over there this afternoon to look at some of the equipment that they are selling off, we reserved all their Latte and Milkshake glasses but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately as we ordered it all yesterday, none of the kitchen equipment would fit in our small kitchen.
Marisa had rehearsals for the Panto tonight and won a prize for being best, that’s just Marisa, got to be best, but she is also enjoying it and working hard for it so we shouldn’t mock.


Elena said...

ahah OH MY GOSH i did need to go to the toilet!! you guys make it sound so bad! lol
thats funny- the verification word today is 'segui', which means 'follow' in italian... and rob 'follow'ed me to the toilet.. aaaah im cursed.
THAT'S OK, we're used to being teased about our lovey-doveyness! do you know what, last night at leavers rob put me on a bus home and waited for me till i was safely sat. after about 5 minutes i started writing him an sms and the driver, who'd been obviously looking at us, was like, 'are you texting him ALREADY???' and he teased me some more :p
well that's life.
feels weird i'm not coming in to work untill tuesday.. :( have a nice weekend!

Elena said...

now i think you should upload the next blog because im sick of reading my romantic story tale :p
meanwhile you've also convinced me to get down to the donnybrook park some time :)

The HoJo's said...

your wish os our command ;o)