Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ugg Boots

Sunday 12th October 2008
We got up surprisingly early considering how late Fliss kept us out last night and went to the Market for our usual dose of Fruit and Veg.
After the Market we went to Bunnings for a Sausage Sizzle that was raising fund for Busselton School year 7 end of year something or other, Ian had been cajoled into going by one of our customers in the Café during the week, as it turned out they didn’t get there sausages from the usual place where these fundraisers get them from and they were lovely, much better than normal.
Whilst at Bunnings we bought some more plants, this time they are for the front garden, the idea is that when we haven’t got any more room to stand these plants on the table outside our back door, we will get off our backsides, do some weeding, and in turn have somewhere to show off our new plants.
After Bunnings we went to Dunsborough and had a walk round the shops before going to Simmo’s for an Ice Cream, we had our Ice Cream and Coffee while the kids went and played on the play equipment.
On the way home we stopped of at a new trading estate and bought a couple of bits for the Café from a Homeware store before looking at Ugg Boots and all things Ugg in the Ugg shop, bearing in mind that despite it being cold today we are on the verge of summer, you might have expected there to be a sale on, but it was not to be.
For those that don’t know, Ugg Boots are Sheepskin, complete with Wooly bit on the inside, not the sort of thing that is likely to sell in vast numbers during the Australian Summer, with the possible exception of to Eskimo tourists who want something useful to take home.
Ian reckons that the reason they don’t have a sale on is because when the summer gets here, they just get the scissors out, and with a careful snip here and there, turn them into Ugg Thongs (Flip Flops).
When we got home we found that we had run out of room on the table outside our back door, this gave us the enthusiasm we needed to dig over and weed the front garden. The front garden is going to be Carolyns baby with all the pretty flowers being planted in a nice orderly manner so as not to upset Crocodile Keith over the road, the important stuff like the Fruit and Veg can sit in its pots on the table outside the back door until we feel enthusiastic again, or the table gets full.
Ian had serious back ache after all the digging, he hasn’t done any real gardening since we left our house in Cambridgeshire five years ago and is feeling it a bit.
This evening we all sat down and indulged in Fish and Chips while watching Tombraider, a just reward for the days labours.

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Ganeida said...

lol. Our view is out the back so we plant our veggies out the front for the neighbours to view & drool over.