Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Harvey Go

Saturday 11th October 2008
It was fairly quiet in the café today until it was time to start packing up for an early finish, as we were trying to clear up, every couple of minutes a customer or customers would walk in looking for coffee or a sandwich, I know that is what we are there for, but when it has been a quiet day and the staff have been paid for doing next to nothing, it is a bit frustrating that the majority of them have gone home before the work really started. So what looked like being an early finish, turned out to be a late finish with us not getting out until half an hour later than usual.
Carolyn took the kids out shopping for the last bits of equipment for Frasers first day at his new school, on the way round they stopped at Harvey Norman (Go Harvey Go) to grab a free Sausage Sizzle, something to do with their 60th Anniversary (since someone ordered a fridge) we think (and they’re still waiting for it to be delivered from over East).
Part of Frasers school equipment that we had to get was an Australian Dictionary, apparently their version is different and the Oxford Dictionary is just not up to it.
In the evening we went to Stilts and met up with Fliss, needless to say we ended up staying out for a couple of hours longer than usual, she is such a bad influence on us.
While we were at Stilts, Michelle from work and her Boyfriend arrived, they had booked a table for a nice romantic meal but had arrived early so took Marisa and Kristian for a walk along the beach.
We came to the conclusion that they took the kids with them in an effort to convince themselves that they never want to have kids, after all it wasn’t the most romantic way of starting a date, our kids don’t like the idea of romance, either theirs or anybody else’s.
When they came back they went for dinner and the kids spied on them to make sure they weren’t kissing, at one point Marisa leapt up at the window by where they were sitting and scared the life out of Michelle. We then sent the waitress over to the table with a candle to add to the romantic mood, unfortunately by the time the waitress got to the table they had all but finished their meal, but the thought was there and this is WA (wait awhile).


Ganeida said...

Is Fraser using the Macquarie? That's the standard one out here. Think the only real difference is aussie slang. When in Rome, m'dears....

The HoJo's said...

I can't think what it was called, it is languishing in his locker, unused at school! It was also fun getting him a new bible, there are hundreds in the school/church shop, maybe 30 different ones of the type recommended, how to choose??? pink ones for girls, blue grey for boys, kids ones we already have, well actually I got one specifically for teenagers but so much choice, with study notes, I noticed mine was printed when there was still a King in charge of England :o)