Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goa Curry Revisited

Friday 3rd October 2008
Ian was up and into work early again today and this time the Ice Cream Machine arrived, it came in a great big wooden packing case and weighed a ton.
Round about mid morning we unpacked the packing crate and tried to move the machine, it was going nowhere. Doug, the Centre Manager was helping us and told us about a winch that was in a shop that the Butchers are about to take over, so Ian went round there and borrowed that, it was a great big clumpy thing with the sort of wheels you find on a shopping trolley, how he never killed anyone bringing it through the centre was a feat in itself.
We got the winch into place and slid the machine onto it, we then raised it until it was the height of the counter and slid it off the winch onto the counter. That’s when it got awkward, the machine was still sitting on the base of the packing case which had a couple of batons screwed into it to stop the machine moving in transit.
To make matters worse, the Ice Cream Machine needed to be moved from the front counter where it was presently in situ to the Back counter where we had prepared a space for it, unfortunately the gap between the front and back counters was exactly the right size for the base of the packing case with machine still sitting on it, to fall straight to the floor.
Fortunately we had measured the gap before trying to slide the machine across, so we slid the machine off the base and rested it on the front counter before commandeering one of the Trolley Boys to give us a hand with the lifting. So it was that after lots of manoeuvring in a tight space, we managed to get the machine into position and hope we never have to take it out again.
This evening on the way home, Ian stopped off at Goa Curry for a Take Away, you may remember a couple of weeks ago that we picked up some Onion Bhaji and Samosa and they were pretty good.
Tonight was our first attempt at a full blown Curry and Rice, in short it was pretty grim, the Rice was tasteless and the Curry tasted like it was a mass produced product, out of the freezer into the microwave or something similar.
If we had only had one curry we might have put it down to a bad day, but between us we had three curries all of which tasted like a mass produced product, the rice had no taste at all, the Onion Bhaji was not as good as last time (the oil was too hot when it was cooked and it burned), the Samosa was nice.
Apart from the first write up about this venture when it opened there has not been a lot said about it, being the only one in town you would have thought that they would have got a bit more out of the press to push their cause, but there has been nothing, perhaps they have been found out.
We will certainly not be going back there until we hear or read about them making their own homemade food, because what we had tonight was rubbish.
After throwing most of the curry away and Carolyn and the kids eating something else instead, we sat down to watch Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban.


Anonymous said...

When I read the title I was sure that the curry had violently disagreed with you all.

The HoJo's said...

Well thank goodness our puns aren't completely wasted, you obviously taught me every thing you know ;o)


Marcus said...

I love the name Goa Curry. My problem with it is the serves are small and the prices are big. Having had to choose from the standard fast food options in town for the last few years it's great that the curry place and the noodle bar have opened recently.
The Ship has a curry night on Wed nights I think which we've been talking about trying for a while.

The HoJo's said...

We like the noodle bar too, that was Frasers choice for his birthday, noodles by the jetty on a cold september evening, also the fish n chips on the highway near Goa :o)

let me know if you like the Ship version although dragging the small ones there too could be pricey!