Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ripe Banana

Saturday 4th October 2008
Carolyn spent all morning trying to watch a DVD which is supposed to show us how to strip down, clean and reassemble our new Ice Cream Machine, it would appear the only place it will play is on Ians laptop.
Carolyn then went to an auction where they were selling off loads of Jarrah furniture and didn’t buy anything before coming in to work.
Fraser was due home from camp at 4.30 pm and arrived at 5.30 pm, he had a great time and stunk to high heaven, as little boys are wont to do when left to their own devices.
When it came to unpacking he thought he had lost his Scout shirt which Carolyn was not very pleased about, you can imagine the delight on her face when going through his day bag she found it screwed up with a week old slightly overripe banana.
We were going to watch a family movie tonight but Fraser wanted to spend a bit of time on his own, so he played with his Lego. The other two decided they didn’t want to watch the film we had chosen for them, Around the World in Eighty days with an all star cast, none of which we can remember, so they went and played on the computer.
We didn’t particularly want to watch Around the World in Eighty Days either so we watched Die Hard instead. Bruce Willis still had almost a full head of hair and a dirty vest.

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