Tuesday, October 14, 2008

End of Term

Friday 26th September 2008
Today is the last day of term for the kids and they now have two weeks in which to be bored, Carolyn did her usual Friday lunch in Kristians class and came away with a thank you card and some chocolates.
The Café was busy today and by the time Ian got home he was in need of a good dose of fresh air and an Ice Cream, as soon as he got home and changed we all got on our bikes and cycled down to the Jetty for Ice Cream before cycling home again feeling positively refreshed.


Ganeida said...

lol. When Ditz was younger I ditched holidays & we worked year round just not as intensly. There are days I really regrett teaching that child to read. Now she keeps up with the school calendar & I get told when she should be on break....which would be fine except she hates being without her regular round of music, music, & more music.

Little Nut Tree said...

I might be slightly jealous....