Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AFL Final, Final Final

Saturday 27th September 2008
A rather large pallet of boxes arrived at the café today, it was the main part of the shipment of equipment for our Take Away area.
Carolyn had to come in to help unload it and put it away, there were only a few bits of equipment the rest was stock. It would have been so much simpler if our handyman had finished the job and built our counter before going on holiday, then we would have been able to just slot everything into place rather than having to try and find room for it all.
After that Carolyn went home and started packing Frasers Scout Camping gear, he is going away for a week and will be leaving early tomorrow morning.
It is AFL Championship Final day today, the day when they play the Final Final of all the Finals this year, we think. The game was between Geelong and Mt Hawthorn and Geelong were the favourites, they are by far the best team in the league and won the league by 10 points.
Today Mt Hawthorn became the Champions after stuffing Geelong by 26 points, unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to watch it as we were working.
We were warned by the other traders that it would be quiet today because of the football, they said we might do a bit of trade first thing in the morning but by 11.30am we may as well close. As it worked out we were very quiet in the morning and when the football started, all those that weren’t interested came out and did their shopping so we picked up a bit in the afternoon and had an average Saturday by the end of it.
We did close up a little bit early today and went down to Stilts for a couple of hours before going home for an early night, as well as Fraser going off early tomorrow, we are taking the other two kids and Michelle and Simone from work to the Royal Perth Show so we need to catch up on our sleep.

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