Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Tuesday 9th September 2008
Simone came back to work today, Fliss duly trod on her toe closely followed by Michelle kicking it, they have assured us that it wasn’t done on purpose. When we were talking about it later none of us could remember ever treading on another staff members toe since we have been there, yet today it happened twice to the same person who just by coincidence has plasters on her toes because she has accidentally ripped the nails off. I feel a conspiracy theory coming on here.
Marisa had a Dentist appointment this morning and the Dentist managed to get some of the anaesthetic into her blood stream, this sent her adrenalin levels through the roof, causing her to go into a shaking frenzy. After a few minutes of her shaking and hyperventilating she came back down to earth, much to the relief of Carolyn who had been watching the entire episode trying to look relaxed so as not to upset Marisa.
We went out to lunch at Stilts, just the two of us, and it was very pleasant. We were the only people in the restaurant so it was a bit quiet, but the food was good.
After lunch we went to find the Concrete Paving display that we couldn’t find on Sunday, we thought the best bet would be to go back to the Cemex site where we went on Sunday and ask where it is. When we got to Cemex we realised why we were unable to find the display on Sunday, we were parked on it, today we weren’t parked on it and although it wasn’t much to write home about, we could see it. We went in and got a quote and decided to get the patio built first, and then start saving for the concrete. Just in case you thought a Patio was Paving or Concrete on the ground in your back garden, and useful for burying unwanted relatives under, you would be mistaken. Over here a patio is something with a roof on it, as a rule it has a metal framework with a corrugated iron roof and looks like a small industrial workshop without any walls.
Fraser went to Scouts this evening and picked up a couple of badges, one from his Climbing Wall exploits last Friday and one from Brownsea Island in the UK, home of Scouting.
One of the Scout Leaders, Kermit (since when was Kermit in the Jungle Book), has been to the UK for a holiday and had just come back, it was she who brought the Scouts back the Brownsea Island badges along with a stick of Rock from Scotland and a Pencil from Ireland.


Anonymous said...

We went to Brownsea Island on holiday a couple of weeks ago and walked through the first ever scout camp site.
Peter & Laura

Unknown said...

Ooooh, that happened to me at the dentist - horrible and yukky :(

hugs to Missy and you!

(PS - do wish you would write in first person, it is very confusing!)

The HoJo's said...

Hi Peter and Laura, wow thats cool I haven't ever been there. Do they still have tents there?
x Auntie Carolyn

The HoJo's said...

Merry, we live to confuse ;o)