Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cub Law

Monday 8th September 2008
Pretty much a nothing day today really, Simone is still off work suffering with her missing toenails although she did come in this afternoon to let us know that she was bored and could fit her foot into a shoe. She is coming back to work tomorrow but is going to spend all day taking orders at the till and making coffee, apparently she can stand but struggles to walk, sounds like Saturday night syndrome to me.
Marisa went to Cubs tonight and get herself Invested, Marisa wore Kristians uniform because Kristian has decided that he definitely does not want to go anymore and they are both virtually the same size.
Maybe now that Marisa is a fully paid up, law abiding Cub, we can persuade her to keep to the Cub Law and become a nice person instead of the Troll like being that she tends to be most of the time.

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