Friday, September 5, 2008

Hungry Jacks

Friday 5th September 2008
Carolyn stayed at home first thing this morning so that she could sterilise her Jam Jars, ready for when she eventually gets round to making her Lemon Butter and Marmalade.
After that she went to the Café to help out there, we were one short due to Simone injuring herself the other day. We got a lot done in the kitchen today, we made a replacement batch of Carrot Cakes after Rodelles botch job yesterday, we made a load of Bread Pudding which is getting so popular now that we have to buy bread so that we can leave it to dry out so that we can use it, we made enough Apple Pies to sink a Battleship and still had a reasonable days trading.
This evening Fraser went Rock Wall Climbing in Bunbury with the Scouts, on the way back they stopped at Hungry Jacks (Burger King) for a Burger Meal which pleased Fraser.
Marisa went to the Swimming Pool for Freaky Friday, a madhouse swimming session where loads of over 10 year olds descend on the pool and cause mayhem while their parents stay at home and breath a sigh of relief.
Kristian stayed at home and played games on Frasers computer, he is into Age of Empires at the moment and can’t get enough of it, playing every chance he gets.
Ian has come up with what he thinks is are two great names for the Take Away area but Carolyn is not so sure, if you are reading this, which you obviously are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this could you please send a comment stating which one you think is the best name.
Ian thinks we should put it to the vote so your vote will count, please remember or bear in mind that one day we may want to Franchise this concept, possibly going world wide, so we want to get it right.
The two names he has come up with are: Taste of the Town and Taste Tickles, please think carefully and vote wisely our livelihood could depend on this.


Anonymous said...

When you get ice cream by the scoop in France, they ask "1 boule or 2". So you could be a bit foreign and try something on the lines of "Lick our boules".

The HoJo's said...

Just what we were looking for Grandad Hojo. Thanks. We'' add that to the polling card in the cafe :o)

Ganeida said...

Yikes! Someone had better put that suggestion on hold before the Aussies out your way get hold of it & run with it. You will never be able to hold your heads up round town again!

Ganeida said...

Of course you could go Pom of the Day! ;P

Little Nut Tree said...

um - I have to be honest... I don't think either of those cut the mustard for a take away service.

I'll think on this and come back to you. So it's home coked food to take away? Like the hot puddings and stuff? People can take away anything they like such as salads? Sandwiches? Soup? Pudding? Pie?

I can get a really good name for you I think so I just want to make sure I know everything it will cover...

Answer my questions! :)

The HoJo's said...

ok, I have to come clean, we were just messing about with those names, thanks Grandad Hojo for playing along.
We do actually need a name for the take away though.
Donuts, slushies, ice cream, thick shakes and hot dogs are what we are pushing.
The rest of the menu in the cafe is coffee cakes sandwiches burgers homemade quiche that sort of thing (pretend there is punctuation please)
we did ask for suggestions but none were offered (i'll let little nut off as she was on honeymoon) we are desparate now. The sign maker is coming up with a design we just need a name that is suitable but tells what we sell.
taking you at your word now little nut :o)
Thanks for the suggestion Ganeida, but we don't sell apples ;o)

Ganeida said...

I obviously don't use my French nearly enough. I was going for potatoes;P

The HoJo's said...

that would be pomme de terre of the day :o) as opposed to pomme or pommie

Glowstars said...

And it's at this point that any creativity I may have disappears down the pan. I honestly can't think of anything, but if I do, you'll be the first to know!

Little Nut Tree said...

did my comment come through?

Little Nut Tree said...

I can't believe it - I commented with about 10 suggestions!!!

Hojo's Bakeaway
Hojo's (I think this is a cool name!!)
Snack Shack?
Sweet & Snack
Snags and Snacks!
Snack Attack!
Bake & Take Away!

I had loads more to try and give you some food for thought (there's another one!) but I can't remember them all!!!

I'll keep thinking!


The HoJo's said...

we do have a list we are working through, of proper suggestions, we really appreciate your input Little Nut :o) we are pondering........

Little Nut Tree said...

so irritating... had loads more and then obviously sent that email somewhere else!

What's annoying is - I had about 4 that I really liked and I can't remember them :)