Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Saturday 6th September 2008
We had a guy round from a Swimming Pool company this morning to give us a quote on a pool in our back garden, they are so much cheaper over here than the UK and it would certainly get plenty of use but it has still got to fit the budget as the Café is eating money for fun at the moment.
We had yet another girl start at the Café today, another classmate of the two Saturday girls we have at the moment. This one has not had a job before but was on the ball right from the start, she seemed to take great pride in making sure the tables were cleaned and the customers were served well and promptly, it turns out her motivation is that her parents wouldn’t let her have a mobile phone until she got a job and could pay for the calls. She might have been the only one in her class without a phone, but good on her parents we say.
The kids are having a sleepover round Fliss’ house tonight, Fliss seems to be looking forward to it more than the kids. Fliss says she knows what she is letting herself in for and is convinced she is going to have a great time, so we loaded her up with some DVD’s and money for Pizza and dumped them all round her house.
We went out for the evening to celebrate our freedom from the Oiks and caught a Cab into Town, we started off in the Vasse Bar which was not as loud as the last time we went there and had a pleasant start to the evening. Saying that, it could have been better, the staff who work in Pubs over here never smile. The girl that served us was a bit solemn and didn’t say please or thank you, but the other girl working there could turn beer sour with a single glance, she was a bit chubbier in the face than the first girl and looked a bit like a Bulldog chewing a Wasp, and that was when she was being nice.
After the Vasse we went to Albies for a meal, we were originally going to go to the Thai restaurant but when we got there at peak dining time for Busselton (6.45pm) there were only two couples in there and no sign of more making their way there.
The meal at Albies was not a patch on the last time we went there, we had to wait ages for our meal to arrive and when it did, it was not quite what we expected.
Carolyn had ordered a Porterhouse Steak with Pepper Sauce and Ian had Beef and Reef, Carolyns Pepper Sauce consisted of thick, congealed Gravox (probably the worst, saltiest excuse for gravy known to man) with a couple of Peppercorns thrown in, piled in a big congealed mess on top of a perfectly good and totally inoffensive steak. The end result was that she had to scrape the Gravox and two Peppercorns off her steak as best she could and try to eat what was left underneath, in the end Ian ate half the steak for her because she couldn’t face it, he’s such a gentleman.
Ians Beef and reef was a Porterhouse Steak topped with Prawns in a Garlic Sauce, the Chef was obviously not having a good day because under the Garlic Sauce was a layer of Gravox that presumably had been put on the Steak by mistake and scraped of as best he could before putting the Garlic Sauce over the top. Fortunately Ian felt that the two flavours complimented each other, so he wolfed it down, enjoying the unusual combination. We wouldn’t recommend you trying this at home, if you got it wrong the horrible taste of Gravox would be with you forever.
After Albies we went back to the Vasse for a couple more beers and to slag off the miserable Bar Staff, before catching a Taxi home and collapsing into bed in the knowledge that Fliss would probably be trying to get them to go to bed about now.

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