Friday, August 29, 2008

Red Rose

Friday 29th August 2008
Michelle at work received a Red Rose from her boyfriend today, at first we all thought that he was being romantic, young love and all that, it turns out that he was grovelling.
Apparently it is one month today since they started going out together (so it’s serious), Michelle booked tomorrow off work so that they could spend the day together doing romantic things together, so when he found out, he invited his mate along. To say that Michelle is not best pleased would be an understatement and has got the raging hump with him, although she did go a bit gooey when he brought her the rose.
We had a new Pie Warmer delivered yesterday and used it for the first time today, it was a Mrs Macs pie warmer. We put all our usual stock into it and it cremated it, in the afternoon they came and took it away and we went back to our battered up but reliable old one.
When she left work today she was still saying that she wasn’t going to see him because he still intended to go out with his mate and that she might as well have worked tomorrow, but she’s a bit of a soft touch so we will wait in nervous anticipation until Monday to find out about what happened next.
Sterling had to go to the Vets this morning to get his second jab, Carolyn thought the appointment was at 10am and had just finished squeezing him into a cat box, when she read the letter informing her that the appointment was actually 11am.
Carolyn came into work to drop off a load of mash that she had made and then had to go home and try to convince Sterling that he did want to go into the cat box for a second time.
Carolyns Cooking classes on a Friday in Kristians class have come to an end, so today Carolyn had to talk to a class full of eight and nine year olds about England. She dressed some of them up as Policemen and Firemen out of our kids fancy dress box and talked to them about all things British for half an hour, at the end the teacher handed out work sheets for the kids to answer questions about what Carolyn had been talking about. Unfortunately Carolyn didn’t know that this was going to happen and had therefore not covered a lot of the subjects on the work sheet, so at the last minute she quickly had to read through it and say a few words about all the bits that they were supposed to be covering.
Ian went out to Bunnings after work and bought himself a new Tool Kit so that he can finish putting the Lawn Mower together, the problem is he doesn’t do that sort of work at the weekend because we like to make the most of our time off at the weekend, so it will have to wait until Monday now.
The kids have all decided to have a sleep over in Frasers room tonight and as we write this there is not much sleeping going on, they are making a hell of a racket and it is a toss up as to what will happen first, either they will all start fighting or we will put them back in their own rooms.

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Elena said...

omg thats so aweful what michelles boyfriend did!! funny though, how guys are so clueless.. yep its exactly 50-50 between funny and aweful!
and the rose... cheese :p