Friday, August 29, 2008


Thursday 28th August 2008
Kristian had to go with Carolyn to Bunbury this morning to get his teeth looked at, it is not good news, he needs three teeth out, six fillings and he struggles with the dentist putting stuff in his mouth. Apparently he can go to a private hospital and have all the work done in one go, it would only cost somewhere between two and three thousand dollars. We’ll have to think about that one.
We faxed the plans for the Take Away area to the Fit Out Coordinator who rang us and said that he would be able to convert the scale without any problems.
We received approval from the Centre Management Company for us to sell the products we wish to sell from the Take Away area.
Ian and the Kids all had their hair cut this afternoon, they were all starting to get a bit hippy’ish so it was not before time.
Taddy the Tadpole woke up dead this morning much to Marisas disappointment, a formal burial took place in the evening where Taddy was interred in a match box under one of the trees still standing in the back garden.
Sarah, if you are reading this you might want to cross Taddy’s name off your Birthday Card.

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