Thursday, August 21, 2008

John Wayne

Thursday 21st August 2008
It’s turned cold again but still no rain to speak of, we were hoping it was going to be warm this week because we are having to keep the doors of the Café wedged open to disperse the paint fumes. As it was we had to move most of the tables out into the centre of the centre where it is a wind tunnel at the best of times, but we had a reasonably busy day and everyone sat and ate or drank with their coats on with no complaints.
The painter started on one of the main walls and alcoves today and with our choice of brown for the features it kooks like it might have been an inspired decision, the whole place is looking so much brighter already with not even half of it finished is looking like it will look quite upmarket.
Tomorrow the painter is going to tackle the Take away area, we are going for a combination of Green, Yellow and Orange, and unfortunately neither Ian nor the Painter can remember which colour goes where so Carolyn has got to come in tomorrow morning to remind us.
Ian, Fliss, Michelle and by the end Michelles Dad, moved the fridges and ripped out the shelves in the take away area this afternoon, we think they must have employed John Wayne (a right cowboy) to set it up for them in the first place, there were all sorts of fixings holding it together, some that Ian had never seen before and certainly wouldn’t dream of using. Needless to say, the walls are a bit of a mess now and the painter is going to have to do a bit more patchwork than he had anticipated.
Carolyn phoned the Ian at work this evening to let him know that Marisa was at a friends house and that she wouldn’t be happy because Taddy the Tadpole had died, about half an hour later when Ian rang Carolyn to let her know he was going to be late home from work, Carolyn said Marisa was home and was not upset about Taddy because he had only been asleep. Carolyn took the kids to the local Brook/Creek and got another bucket of water in the hope that there is enough algae in it to keep him alive.
We are delighted to announce that the UK Postal system is as efficient as ever, a parcel for Kristian turned up today from Carolyns Auntie Linda (thank you xx) it was posted on the 23rd of July, a month ago!!!! It must have been swimming for most of the way but arrived in pristine condition.

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