Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wednesday 20th August 2008
The painters were in the Cafe again today and the place is looking better by the minute, the Pinky/Terracotta alcove and feature bits are not going to be Pinky/Terracotta. When Carolyn arrived at the Café this morning she agreed with us that the Pinky/Terracotta was in fact a little bit too pinky and agreed that it should be changed, we discounted any other shades of Pinky/Terracotta because after that first one they all began to look too Pinky.
We enlisted the help of the three staff that were on duty and the two painters and between us came up with Brown, it took about half an hour to come up with Brown, so Brown it is. It is a weird sort of Brown, almost Chocolate Milkshake colour but with a bit more depth and it looks great along side the Cream that we have on the main walls.
We are getting great feedback at the moment with most people pointing out that it looks so much Bigger and Brighter which is good, unfortunately it feels Smaller and Brighter because we have had to close off half of the seating area for the Painters to work.
It was another mediocre day in the café today, but the rest of the retailers in the centre have started to comment on it as well so hopefully it is nothing personal.
We have another pet in the house, he is called Taddy the Tadpole, Marisa brought him home from school after one of the girls in her class brought five of them into class for the other kids to look at. We haven’t found out yet why this girl didn’t take it home with her, but she didn’t so we have got to look after it.
This evening Marisa went to see Julie next door to find out how she should keep it as she has got a pond and knows about this sort of thing, it is fairly big and has already got a couple of legs so we won’t be able to keep it for long before it becomes a frog, assuming it lives that long. Apparently Marisa has got to collect some algae from the brook/creek whatever you call it where it was caught.
This evening we went to a Presentation by the Shire (Council) of Busselton about a proposed new Civic centre or Community Civic Precinct as they prefer it to be known, it is going to cost the Shire $41 Million to build which actually sounds quite cheap for what they want, but it is going to mean an increase in our Rates so is obviously a bone of contention within the town.
Tonights presentation was for local businesses as the proposed site is fairly close to the centre of town, all of the local businesses were invited but apart from us the only others that bothered to turn up were the manager of Coles Supermarket and another couple who run a business called Curves which is a fitness studio and opened the same week that we took over the Café. Ann who runs Curves is also an Essex girl and although she has been over here for 18 years, still has the Essex accent.
While we were at the presentation, Fliss took the kids to the Cena Pizza Parlour in Queen St where they all ate Pasta apart from Fraser who had to eat his usual meaty Pizza. They all seemed to enjoy it and Fliss got a free meal out of it so she was happy, don’t worry Ma Norman we won’t let her starve.


Elena said...

the new colour scheme for the cafe sounds really nice! modern and professional :) will you have photos up on the blog?
can i ask, this community civic precinct, where does the shire think of placing it?? and what activities would it hold?

The HoJo's said...

Photos soon :o) Shame I forgot to take some of the green/silver/purple we are covering up!
The civic centre would be where the library is now, covering some parking spaces, but with parking beneath the building. Ground floor looks like library, coffe shop (need to dissuade them there), creche/daycare for public use, meeting rooms, internet, TAFE study space. Next 2 floors up would be council staff.
Apparantly the plans are on 'the' website I don't know what 'the' website is but have asked for the full document (couple of hundred pages) and will report back on that soon!