Friday, August 22, 2008

Dominos Pizza Busselton

Friday 22nd August 2008
It was freezing this morning and we hadn’t lit the wood burner last night, when Ian got up at 6.30am even the cold water which is normally warm was cold. We know it sounds weird but Busselton Water normally only gets cold in exposed pipes, the water that is in pipes underground generally comes out warm, maybe the exposed pipes were so cold that as the warm water was coming through it cooled it down, what we do know is that Ian, who only uses cold water when shaving, was not a happy chappie.
The Café was quiet today although the locals are still saying that we are busier than the last owners, while we have tried to keep the disruption to a minimum it most have some effect on the trade particularly when the weather is as cold as it is at the moment.
The painter started work on the Take Away area today, people are certainly going to notice it when it opens again. The Green, Yellow and Orange are about as loud as we could get and although they need another coat, they compliment each other, tomorrow we are going to put the Pinky/Terracotta that we failed to use earlier, on the sign above the Take Away area. If it does fit in with the other three colours it is going to be pretty awesome and likely to become a tourist destination in its own right, after all Busselton is not renowned for being a particularly colourful place.
Ian contacted the Consultant that works for the Owners of the shopping centre today to remind him that he was supposed to have sent us copies of the plans last weekend so that we could mark on them where we are going to put the counter and what we are going to do with the business with regard to the Take Away area and signage. He said he had been very busy and would do it this weekend, when Ian told him that he would have to be quick because the Painters will have finished painting on Sunday, he sounded quite surprised and said that we would probably have to sort it out via email and phone because he wasn’t coming back to Busselton until at least October. He did say that it probably won’t be a problem but the Owners have to agree to it.
Kristian went to the Dentist today and the dentist was amazed that his teeth were in such poor condition bearing in mind that he used to have regular check ups, it would appear that where he didn’t have work done because it might be uncomfortable or frightening for him, his teeth now need so much work doing that the only way they will do it in one go is to knock him out to do it which is going to cost us a fortune.
Carolyn and the kids went out to get some more algae for Taddy the Tadpole, who contrary to earlier reports is still very much alive and sleeping in a plastic tub in Marisas room.
Ians daughter Sarah texted us today to let us know that she has passed her exams and is now a qualified Nursery Nurse, her marks put her in the top six in her Group/Class/whatever you call College courses these days, so well done Sarah we’re proud of you and good luck with the new job.
We tried Dominos Pizza tonight for the first time since we have been down here, it was certainly a lot better than the Dominos we went to in Clarkson when we were staying with Ians sister Sharon just after we arrived over here.
The general consensus of opinion in the HoJo household is that Dominos Busselton is better than Eagle Boys anywhere we have tried so far, there are however a couple of issues, (1) the Large Pizza is only normal Pizza size, which is very good for profits but not so good for Family Pizza Sharing and (2) they have some really good ideas for Pizza Topping Combinations but, all the best combinations have bloody Pineapple on them. There you are with this freshly made Pizza Base, ok the Tomato is out of a tin but there is plenty of Cheese on that, followed by assorted Processed but Tasty Meats (Processed Meats are a big thing over here), then its Fresh Mushrooms and Peppers followed by Tinned Bloody Pineapple Chunks, what a waste of a good Pizza. Fortunately Ian had his glasses with him saw Pineapple was on the list so asked the staff not to put any on, they duly obliged and we had a very nice Pizza, just not big enough.
In the evening Carolyn and the kids were sorting out what to wear on Sunday, we are going to Balingup Medieval Carnivale, Fliss and Aimee are going with us and are threatening to dress up as witches so we are going to take some plastic sheeting to cover the seats just in case they get dunked in the river. We don’t know how seriously they take this sort of thing, or whether they have actually moved on from medieval times so better be on the safe side, after all if Busselton is 20 years behind the UK, out in the Bush, who knows?


Ganeida said...

Yep, yep, yep. Pinapple is disgusting stuff. Should be banned outright or all turned into juice. But eating it? Yuck! All those fiberous bits that stick between your teeth & the spiney bits someone got too lazy to cut out. Besides pineapple belongs in fruit salad not on a good pizza. The kids don't mind but I won't touch the stuff ~ along with everything that comes out of the sea! I know what it eats when no~one's looking & that's enough for me! Every time a boat goes down I remind my fish loving sons what what they're eating is eating!

Elena said...

i knoow! what is with pineapple on pizza!!