Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Green Guinness Today Day

Monday 17th March 2008
It’s Paddy’s Day and we don’t care, we don’t have to cook Irish Stew or Boiled Bacon and Cabbage or serve Green Guinness or Strongbow at discount prices and it feels good, so we had another lie in this morning just because we could and also because we were still knackered from watching tv so late last night.
Mid morning we went to the kids new school and picked up the forms so that we can enrol them ASAP, they are desperate to go to school after being out of it since the end of November 2007 and although we have had some great times since then they do need there bit of routine and discipline.
Having got the forms we drove round what will be the kids cycle route to the house, it is along the coast all the way and shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes even if they have to wait for Carolyn. Then it was off to the shops to buy all the things they are going to need at the new school, most of it is to bought from a Newsagents and most of it to specifications laid down by the school, even the pencil case has to be a certain size, Kristian has to have a wooden ruler and crayons while the other 2 need a see through ruler and pens, but the Uniforms will be bought on the day they start (Wednesday), from the school.
We stopped in the Café on the way back for a quick coffee and to check up on our emails and while we were there the owner showed us details of her suppliers so that we can start contacting them and setting up accounts. From there we went to the Library and managed to get them to give us a Library card so that we can fill the house with books because, did I ever tell you, the TV is rubbish over here.

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