Saturday, March 22, 2008

A bad TV day

Sunday 16th March 2008
Today was a lazy day, a time to recharge the batteries, so we all had a lie in this morning and a late breakfast. We needed some bed linen for one of the kid’s beds, so much to Ian’s disgust he had to go shopping on a Sunday for something other than a paper while Carolyn did the washing and other girlie things.
In the afternoon Carolyn took the kids to the beach for a play and a swim while Ian relaxed at home watching the Australian F1 Grand Prix. After the race finished Ian walked down to the beach to meet the others and just chilled out with Carolyn in the shade of a couple of trees near the waters edge while the kids played.
At about 5pm we headed for home and cooked dinner, we are all still a bit tired so the kids went to bed early and we stayed up to watch a film that was due to finish early, alas in Australia they seem to advertise the time a film should start if there aren’t any adverts, however there are adverts every 5-10 minutes throughout the day so the programme you have been looking forward to seeing is running late. This could however explain why the TV stations do not run 24 hours, they obviously need a few hours of a night to finish showing there scheduled programmes before the next days scheduling starts.
One thing we have worked out though is the reason Australians are so good at sport is that the TV is rubbish, the Government deliberately gets the TV companies to put crap on television and just to make sure it is totally unwatchable they get them to put in adverts every 5-10 minutes. This in turn gets people so angry they go round throwing and kicking things, but the government is not totally stupid, they provide lots of open space for Football, Rugby, athletics etc and spend the governments millions on leaving things like Footballs and Javelins lying around just waiting for people to come along and kick or throw them in anger and while the government would tell you that this is therapeutic it is in fact addictive and from this point the sports governing bodies are able to manipulate the masses and while the rest of the worlds potential athletes are sitting at home watching a good TV programme the Aussies are being driven away from it by government policies.
The best part though is the Swimmers, have you ever wondered how a country with such a small population can produce so many great swimmers? Well the answer is this, in every community you get the stubborn ones, the pig heads, the die hards, but slowly they get worn down, the telly gets worse, the adverts get more frequent and eventually they are broken. These poor souls are the ones that have fought it for so long that they have nothing left, the potential suicides. But the government has thought of this and since childhood the people of this great nation have been taught to swim from an early age, your suicidal maniac however does not take this into account when in his/her fit of depression so when they take that initial leap into the water in an effort to drown they are half way to becoming an Olympic Swimmer because it is really hard to kill yourself by drowning when you know how to swim so they just keep swimming forever and only the most stubborn of all are able to do it.
Anyway, enough of this waffle, we ended up having a late night because we were stubborn enough to watch the film until the end, but I think we may regret it tomorrow.

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