Monday, January 19, 2009

The Show must go on

Tuesday 16th December 2008
We were short staffed at the Café today, staff are such wimps sometimes, just because they don’t own the business they think they can have a day off when they’re ill.
Carolyn on the other hand, who albeit does have some say in the business and should therefore be entitled to take a day off when she is not feeling well, had to come into work today to cover those whinging malingerers who took time off despite the fact that she was feeling poorly herself.
Needless to say we were busy, Ian has decided that it is not Sod’s Law (UK), Murphy’s Law (Elsewhere) that we are always busy when we are short staffed, he has decided that the reason a business is always busy when it is short staffed is, all the people who don’t like the member of staff who hasn’t turned in for work, find out about it through the Busso Grapevine and come in to catch up on the gossip and find out if it is terminal.
We coped despite Carolyn being a martyr to the cause and letting everyone who would listen know about it and in the evening went to Frasers School Presentation night.
The presentation night was apparently only supposed to be going on for about an hour, but went on for about two and a half hours.
It was quite a good presentation night, well put together and most of the time was interesting and bearable to listen to. The highlight of the night though, for Ian anyway, was the attendance at the same function of Troy Buswell (Labour Party Treasurer, Local MP and famed for sniffing seats after ladies have sat on them and pinging ladies Bras at Christmas Parties), and Wes Hartley (Shire President and Busseltons answer to Ian Paisley, he is a man of the cloth and knows more about everything than anybody). For those of you that don’t know, Ian Paisley was a man of the cloth and leader of the Protestants in Northern Ireland during the days when they were at war with the Catholics and he liked the sound of his own voice.
Troy Buswell was quite amusing when he made his little speech prior to handing out an award, making sure that he included some of his misdemeanours before anyone else got the chance to.
Wes Hartley on the other hand came over is a bit of a pompous little git, full of himself and his own self glory, having a little dig at Buswell just because he knew he could, and coming over as a man who is interested in the local education system as long as it fits in with his agenda.
Anyway, the biggest disappointment of the night was the lack of graduating students that attended, a lot of the awards had been put forward by local families and businesses, some of them included Cash awards which let’s face it, students always want more of.
We felt that it showed a lack of respect for the school that had helped them achieve the levels that they were being rewarded for, but more for the families and businesses who didn’t have to dig into their pockets to offer these awards, but did so to reward the hard work that the students had put in over the year.
One of the businesses put forward three awards, each including a cheque, when the CEO of the business announced the names of the winners, not one of them had turned up on the night, now that to us showed a total lack of respect and would put us off offering awards at the end of the year should we ever be in a position to do so.
(I hope the department of employment don’t read this)

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