Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice Cream at Last

Monday15th December 2008
Ian had to be at work early this morning because, at last the electricians were turning up to connect the power for the Ice Cream machine, quite quick for WA really, it has only taken about two months to get a plumber and electrician to finish a job.
The Café was a bit late opening because the electricians hadn’t finished in the half hour the had guestimated it would take, well they were about twenty minutes late starting which didn’t help, but we are now up and running so who cares.
This evening after the Café closed we had to strip down the Ice Cream machine, making sure that we watched the DVD as we were doing so and following the instructions implicitly. It might have been easier if they had made the DVD while stripping down and cleaning the same type of machine that we had bought, but beggars can’t be choosers and the owner of the company who sold us the machine, who happens to be the star of the DVD is quite proud of it.
We managed to get the machine stripped down, cleaned, sanitised, put back together and pumping out Ice Cream in about two and a half hours, apparently it can be done in 20 minutes with practice. The Ice Cream tasted good, so we will be pumping it out tomorrow hopefully.
Marisa had her last Cub meeting tonight.

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